How to Achieve More with Less Cash

Can you do this?

Can you do this?

Okay, we know the answer lies with outsourcing – but how much can you outsource and how do you do it safely?

Here are our 7 key tips for successful entrepreneurs… 

  1. IT support should be outside of your company in most cases. If you are concerned about access to IT support staff, hire a local company. If a problem occurs, you can always take your machine over to their office or meet them for a coffee.

  3. 80% of your total marketing staff costs should be outside of your business. If your internal marketing team are ‘doing’ marketing rather than ‘co-ordinating’ then you probably have an opportunity to increase productivity

  5. Human Resources and training are probably outside your company already, if not, then this is an obvious next step. HR is a highly sensitive area and the laws keep changing. So, you need a specialist who spends 5 days a week on this topic and can also turn up in your office at short notice (staff problems are always at short notice), hence, resource this skill locally.

  7. Finance – you are more likely to in-source finance help – that is, ask a bookkeeper to come and help you prepare your monthly accounts in your office. You can arrange this yourself, or you may prefer a freelance Finance Director to do this for you. In some cases, the Finance Director will actually do the books for you – this makes sense if you have very few items or are setting up your accounts

  9. If you are contracting with senior freelancers, don’t forget that many will also carry out more junior activities (such as a Finance Director will do bookkeeping) at a lower rate – so you don’t have to pay their full rate for everything.

  11. Write your stop doing list. This is the list of things that you are no longer going to do because they no longer work, but you’ve kept on doing them hoping they might start working again. Some things just stop working – so accept it, stop trying it, and move on.

  13. Find a way to meet more local freelance talent faster. Find a local event – such as where you can meet 40 or so freelancers in a couple of hours. Event such as these will massively increase your flexibility and are a great way to find new, more productive, ways to innovate and grow your business.

Feel free to add your own tips below….

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