How Successful Enterpreneurs will Survive the Treacle Years – 5 Key Tips

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What shall we call this period – between the first recession and whatever is to come in the form of substantial public sector cuts and reductions in government spending?Shall we call them the treacle years? The years of trudging along with heavy bootsĀ – just about keeping the forward momentum of your business but demanding constant and focused effort?

Sometimes it seems that way.

Okay, so how do we first survive and thrive in the treacle years?

Here are my 5 key tips – feel free to add yours at the end…

Firstly, it is important to recognise that the stodginess of business isn’t your fault. That’s good, so we can stop beating ourselves up about it.

Secondly, having accepted that there is a limit to what we can do, we can start to focus on our spending or cash burn. If you have enough cash for another 12 months – find a way to make it last 24 months. If you have cash for 2 years – see how you can make it stretch to 4 years.

Thirdly, recognise that you need to find new markets – those markets that have some growth in them. We live in austerity times, so austerity products at austerity prices work. Equally, some luxury sectors are growing fast too – because whilst customers cut back on everything else, they still want some treats.

So, your task is to find the growth sectors and move into those sectors.

Fourthly, innovate. Innovation isn’t expensive – if it is, then something is going wrong. Instead, innovation is about a mindset – about a desire to improve things – and use the fact that you have little or no money to find really creative ways to innovate.

Fifthly, put back your retirement date by five years. By giving yourself another five years you’ll create a little thinking space which will help the creativity and also you’ll ensure that you are planning for a marathon and not a sprint.

Lastly, learn to love the taste of treacle. That means, become really really good at what you do – so that you can charge a premium for it – or your products – and make a profit and grow market share.

Got any tips for surving the treacle years? Feel free to add them below

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