Rapid system development, rapid customer development – what’s next?

hurry hurryEvery three years we seem to undergo a fundamental shift in thinking.

So, 6 years ago (2005) we had the concept of extreme programming – or rapid development.

Then, 3 years ago (2008) we were given the concept of rapid customer development – by Steve Blank.

So, its 2011, what will we get this year?

A few sign posts are around – such as Mike Marples (Twitter investor) view that

“[the internet has] fundamentally democratized the process of innovation. So what it costs to prove or disprove an idea has been fundamentally altered.”

So, perhaps we now have rapid innovation?

Well, if defined as innovation of products and services then I don’t think so. However, defined as rapid innovation of business, and then yes, I think this may be true.

You see, rapid innovation has been around since rapid programming was first expressed in 2005. What we have been lacking since then, is rapid development of a business.

Now, a business consists of three critical parts
– customers,
– products and
– a team.

We’ve solve rapid development for the first two – so this year, the next step is the rapid team development.

A key sign of this is the growth and success of startup business accelerators (those replacing incubators). The difference between the two is that incubators provide infrastructure such as office space, computers, connectivity etc (a bit like building roads) but accelerators teach drivers how to drive.

All we need now are something to drive (or businesses).

Okay, the startup business accelerators teach people how to build a vehicle – but, really, do we need to build each vehicle from the ground up each and every time?

Well, clearly, this is the area where greatest time is lost and hence, there is the greatest opportunity for rapid development.

Think for a moment –  what is a business if it isn’t the product and customers?

Well, it is ‘the team’ – hence building better business teams – faster – has to be the next logical step in rapid innovation. And, based on precedence, 2011 is the year when we’ll get it.

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