What Physicist Feynman can teach Lean Startups

The Lean Startup movement gets that learning underpins all innovation – and startup success.

The lean startup concept also understands that the learning is about finding out what ‘doesn’t work’ as much as ‘what does’.

In this way, it resembles an experimental process of hypothesis (also know as a guess) followed by empirical test followed by acceptance, rejection and reformulation of the hypothesis.

So, as this sounds rather scientific, can science teach us anything about lean startups and innovation?

What can top physicist Richard Feynman teach us?

Watch  this short video and find out…

In this old video, you can just about hear Feynman explain that the search for a new scientific law (or for us, innovation) starts with a guess!

Then, we work out the consequences of the guess – ie. is it significant or insignificant? This helps us choose what to focus on as we want significant innovation rather than insignificant innovation.

Then we experiment to see if our guess is right.

In the lean startup case, we test markets and customer response and reaction. As Feynman says we compare our ‘guess’ with what we ‘observe’ to see if it works.

And, if our guess disagrees with what we find when we test – it is wrong!

That is the essence of science, and, of innovation and success startups too. Only Feynman knew this in 1964 – and we are just discovering this now in the startup and innovation field…. 🙂

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