Rules 101 and 102 for Entrepreneurs!

100 rules for entrepreneurs

5 years on – and 2 more rules!

5 Years Ago… I published 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs after closing a £4m turnover / £12m value business my partners and I had built from next to nothing.

So, what has changed? Not a lot really, apart from a new pair of glasses and a bit more style (!?!) – don’t you love the waistcoat?

Well, rule no 101 would be – do what fits with your values (never what makes you money), and don’t worry the money will follow.

This is less easy than it sounds – so get some help to really think through your core values and then use that knowledge / insight to match against any deal or offer or opportunity you receive. If it doesn’t fit, don’t do it!

Rule no 102 – focus on your strengths (not your weaknesses as I tended to talk about in the book) – you can be *amazing* if you focus on what you are truly gifted in. However, you/ I do need to develop awareness of your / my weaknesses and partner with someone who has strength where you/ I don’t.

I think that in running my businesses, I used to experience a general fear (which is very common amongst many people) of tackling difficult subjects. So, from that point of view, get those difficult conversations out into the open – and strongly encourage others in your team to do the same. Then, focus on what you are best at – and where you are weak, find others who are strong enough to fill the gap.

Another way of saying this is – have lots of crucial conversations.

Apart from that – I’m pretty pleased with how most of these ideas have stood the test of time, especially the idea of getting fit and keeping fit. If you want any help to lose weight, get fit or do the clean 9 in 2016 – then just hop over to our FitNW website where we’re sharing 10 tips for actually achieving your fitness goals in 2016 (or any goals, for that matter).

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