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Reusing and Reusing Office Furniture

Office furniture is expensive and bulky, making it a significant expense for most businesses. However, reusing existing office furniture is a viable and economical option that also reduces environmental impact. Office furniture is made with wood, a natural resource that degrades over time, and using recycled office furniture is a good way to protect the environment.

Every office move, renovation or closure creates a pile of no-longer-needed furniture www.furplab.com and equipment. Treating this surplus as waste is costly for companies in terms of financial liability and demonstrates disregard for the importance of responsible corporate citizenship.

In addition, a company that simply liquidates or dumps its surplus loses out on the potential to recoup some of its investment by generating cash from reusable assets. The best practice is to plan for a comprehensive approach to office surplus management that will optimize the value of this inventory while minimizing risk and cost.

The first step in managing an office surplus is identifying what can be sold. This includes separating out broken furniture pieces, components or finishes that can’t be reused, refurbished or recycled. Having this information in advance can help a project team develop a realistic budget model for the dismantling, removal and disposal of unwanted office furniture.

A company can also consider working with a reuse partner like IRN or The Furniture Trust to donate its used office furniture and equipment. These companies handle the labor and logistics involved in delivering these items to the right places in need. This is a great solution for a business looking to make a positive social or environmental impact, and it can often result in an additional tax deduction.

Another way to get the most bang for your buck is to choose pre-owned or used office furniture in Long Island. Purchasing used office furniture saves money on the price tag, and it can be repainted, reupholstered or redesigned to meet your specific needs.

Besides being affordable, buying pre-owned or used office furniture is environmentally sustainable because it helps to conserve trees that would otherwise be cut down to produce new furniture. It is also a great way to support local business and community.

When choosing a used office furniture provider, look for one that offers free shipping. This can offset the cost of repackaging, palletizing and freight shipping that is typically associated with cheaper used office furniture. Moreover, a local warehouse is the preferred choice since this will not only reduce shipping costs but also expedite the delivery process.

Staples offers a large variety of used office furniture that can be repurposed for any work space. Their wide selection of design styles makes it easy to find a piece that fits any aesthetic. Plus, their interior designers and installation specialists are available to help design your new work space. To learn more about how Staples can help you decorate or redesign your work space, call them today.

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