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What Does Ceres Capricorn Mean For You?

When Ceres enters the sign of Capricorn, it shows that a sense of self-respect and taking care of oneself is important for you. Often, you are motivated by a desire to create a sustainable future and are able to bring great practicality and security into your life.

As the asteroid of agriculture and motherhood, Ceres can show your relationship with food, but it also indicates how you nurture others. People with this placement can be quite ambitious when it comes to pursuing their goals and are good at planning and organizing. They like to take on a leadership role when they are able and may find it difficult to relinquish control, even to someone else.

The myth of Demeter and Persephone Ceres in Capricorn is the most prevalent influence when Ceres is placed in Capricorn because it reflects the idea that power can be gained through sacrificing what you love, much like the Greek goddess who gave up her daughter to Hades so she could plant and nourish the earth. These women are also known for their strong and powerful work ethic and tend to be very serious about everything they do. They prefer to focus on their career and achieve success before they pursue a romantic relationship. They are rule-followers who value tradition, and they are usually quite confident in their abilities.

For those with this placement, it’s important to remember that Ceres is a planet of highs and lows. You go through cycles of intense happiness (like the bright Spring and Summer moments that can be seen in this painting by Watteau) and deep sadness or depression (like the cold Autumn and Winter moments depicted here). It’s important to remember that you have to accept the ups and downs to make peace with your chart.

In a partnership, people with this placement are quite dependable and supportive. They want a partner who is ambitious and will help them reach their goals, but they are usually not looking for an overly emotional attachment. They do not enjoy being pampered or indulged in by kindness and would rather feel respected for their hard work and dedication. However, they can be quite warm and loving in their friendships, particularly with those who are close to them. These folks inspire others to be organized and stick to their plans, and they can be generous with their support when needed. They can also be quite supportive when it comes to raising children, especially if they have this aspect in their charts! They also love to learn. This is the reason why so many of them choose careers that involve education and teaching. Their patience, perseverance and tenacity is something that everyone should admire!

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