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Starting a Bounce House Rentals Business

If you’re looking for an opportunity to start a business that brings joy to people, you should consider starting a Bounce House Rentals company. These businesses are very popular at birthday parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. The best part about this business is that it doesn’t require a large investment to get started, so you can start small and add more equipment as your customer base grows.

Business Plan

When starting a new business, you must always have a solid business plan that details your goals and objectives. You also need to consider the costs and expenses that will be involved. A good business plan will include information about your market, competition, and the potential for profitability.

Business Registration

Before you can open for business, you must register your company with the state. This protects you from legal liability, especially if someone is injured or hurt while using your inflatable bounce house rentals. You can also purchase insurance to cover this risk.

Website and Social Media Marketing

A well-designed business website is essential for any rental click here business. In addition, a strong social media presence can help you generate steady traffic and build a following for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important for any business, but it’s especially vital for a bounce house rental because these companies are local. To increase your ranking on Google and other search engines, you should target specific keywords for the locations in which you operate.

Landing a Bounce House Business

The first step in opening a bounce house rental business is to secure the space where you’ll set up your inflatable bounce houses. The area should be level and free of hazards such as trees, power lines, and sharp inclines. You should also survey the weather and determine whether it will be safe for your bounce house to be in place.

Lease Contract

Before you can start a bounce house rental business, you need to negotiate a lease with your landlord. This lease will specify how long the business will run, what fees you must pay, and when the rent can begin. It should also include language that states that the tenant’s lease payments will not begin until you have obtained a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Safety is a major concern for anyone running a business, and this is even more true for inflatable bounce house owners. Before you decide to rent out a bounce house, check the weather forecast for any severe storms and make sure that the area where your inflatable bounce houses will be set up is safe for use.

Having a CO is critical for opening a business, as it ensures that you’re in compliance with local zoning laws and building codes. It also allows you to apply for a license, which is required before you can rent out your bounce houses and other inflatables.


When you’re starting a bounce house rental business, it’s important to have the proper insurance coverage for your equipment and employees. This includes liability, workers’ compensation, and general commercial insurance.

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